Dance Out Loud is a glittering ballet and creative movement studio for dancers 18m-8yrs with children’s ballet classes in Southampton and Eastleigh, UK.

About us

Welcome to the magical world of Dance Out Loud ballet. We are a glittering dance and creative movement studio catering specially for children aged 18mths-8yrs. Our classes were designed to draw on best practices of child psychology, developmental milestones and movement.

Dance With Me

18mths – 3yrs

Butterfly Ballet

3 – 4 yrs

Fairy Ballet

4 – 5 yrs

Tutu Ballet

5 – 7 yrs

What our clients say…

“A fantastic ballet school for young dancers. Great teachers and a modern, inclusive approach. Highly recommend” – A Tutu Ballet Mum (Dancer aged 6)

A Magical Dance Journey

Dance Out Loud will take your child on a special journey of dance magic as they grow in confidence, creativity and joy with each class.

Our programmes were specially designed for growing bodies and minds using the stages of child development as well as tried and tested ballet theories. From their natural development of motor skills and fine motor skills we can mould these into dance skills that enhance the child’s natural ability, strength and coordination. All of our teachers follow a structured lesson plan and follow beautiful themes that will excite and delight your child. This unique recipe ensures our children blossom as resilient humans, and as beautiful dancers!

​Join us as we embark on our wonderful adventures together!


What our clients say…

“My daughter absolutely loves her ballet class at Dance Out Loud. When we don’t have ballet she asks if we can go.” – A Fairy Ballet Mum (Dancer Aged 3)